Thursday, December 4, 2014

Stomach bugs, sleep walking, and other fun.

After the long holiday weekend (really entire week for Josie and me), I knew getting back on track with clean eating would be difficult. My family really throws down in the kitchen for Thanksgiving. It's like artwork that you can eat, too! Anyway, we came back to a rather busy week with some big things happening. Josie went off to preschool as usual on Monday, but Tuesday morning--not having it. She was like a different child. She cried, "Josie stay home," before leaving. She looked like a drone on the car ride to school, and she wouldn't even set foot near her classroom door.

Who is this child?

Side note: Josie and I are that mama/baby couplet where the child leaps out of mama's arms into the loving warmth of her fellow classmates and teachers. It's heart warming, and at the same time, I feel like she's 18 years old and doesn't need me anymore. Ahh...parenthood.

One look at her face, and I strapped her back in the car seat. Upon hearing that a virus was going around and many teachers were out, I knew I'd made the right decision. We had a day at home, which basically means it was "Frozen"  non-stop. Super mom here, nice to meet you. She even says, "Prince Hannns...of Souvern Eyes." (aka Prince Hans of the Southern Isles). #frozenaddiction

Wednesday, she was back to her normal shenanigans, and I was so relieved that she hadn't shown any more virus symptoms. After all, I had been diffusing our essential oils, applying them topically to her feet, etc. I dressed her in the sweetest little shrimp and grits kids jumper you've ever seen, and she was off! I was able to get a yummy roast going in the crock pot that morning, so no worries for me. When I turn the crockpot on, I think my blood pressure goes down. Seriously, they're directly correlated. Fast forward to the afternoon. Andrew was starving (shocker), so we sat down with the roast...which was just delicious. The problem was that I could only eat a couple of bites. Also, my child ate nothing. Correction: She chewed a bite of celery, then spit it out. From there, it all went downhill. We had a special budget meeting at church, and by the end of it, I was "done." Thankfully, Andrew took over Josie bed time duties for me. I crawled into bed with my clothes still on. That should be a symptom. Seems like every time I do that, something is really wrong. I'll spare you the details that followed, but it.wasn't.pretty. Also, I saw every hour on the clock, which is never fun...which bring me to the 3am hour.

My husband is a sleep walker. It started with sleep talking. I used to lay there and tell myself to write his monologues down, but they always take place in the wee morning hours. By the time I try to find my phone, I've fallen asleep again. This morning, I caught him charging (yes, like a bull) through the room, frantically in search of the bathroom. I directed him to where he was going. After still managing to wash his hands (good boy), he attempted to walk out of the bedroom. And it goes a little something like this...I asked him where in the world he was going, he told me that he had to present something at the church budget meeting (which he did earlier), and I begged him to come back to bed. Finally, he did. Crisis avoided. This, my friends, is why we don't keep guns in the nightstands. You think I'm joking.

Thursday. Today, I basically laid in bed. All. Day. Andrew helped out big time with Josie. I didn't want her catching this thing, but I tell ya--I missed that kid! I could hear her little feet running up and down the hall and her crying, "Mommy...hold you." Just awful. I eventually let her up on the bed, and I hope I don't regret that later. I just couldn't take it anymore. She even brought her mama a sea shell from the beach park. Is she not the sweetest thing?

So, this post is a public service announcement. Avoid this virus at all costs. It is not worth your time. I am hoping to re-join the living tomorrow. But now, more sleep.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Still trucking...

Well, I'm here, and I guess I owe you an update. It has been a full week since I was able to add certain foods back into my diet, and I'm loving it. Seriously, y'all. Even though I'm restricted, it's still a good buffet compared to what I did the first week...which was the hardest thing I've ever done. I've read a little on the Whole30 diet, and one quote is, "This is not hard. Having a baby is hard." Let me tell ya how true AND false that statement is. I'd rather go through hard labor (again) for 24 hours than a week of the detox. So, with that in mind, men should probably not attempt it, right?? Hee hee....

The detox week was pretty rough. I went from Monday-Sunday for a total of seven days. Thursday and Saturday were the worst days for me. By Thursday, I was completely done with my limited diet. I'm sure my body was getting used to zero sugar and very few carbs. I worked Friday (for 12 hours), so that was tiring. I'm sure it contributed to Saturday being awful. Drinking the detox drink got a little easier, but making it every day was about the only activity I could handle. I am so glad that it wasn't longer than one week. I don't know if I could've made it.

Last week, I was able to add certain meats back into my diet. I'm also allowed coconut flour, almond flour, stevia, etc (which can make for some yummy snacks!) It takes a lot more planning and prep, but so far, it's definitely worth it. I feel fantastic, have more energy, and can see some changes in my weight.

Cheat alert: I did sneak a very little amount of Halloween candy, and I paid for it. Not a good idea. If I'd known my tummy would hurt that much, I might have eaten more....kidding. I'm about to enter the phase where I add probiotics and anti-fungals (staggered as to not cause candida die off symptoms.)

I'll keep you posted. So good.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Detox: Day 1

I'd love to tell you that I woke up at 5am just plain ecstatic about the detox...but that didn't happen. I woke up early, but laid in the bed thinking, praying, and asking myself, "Meagan, why are you doing this?" This could be a long week....I did get a "Happy Detox Day" from Andrew this morning, which meant a lot. He's a keeper!

My first detox boo boo is not eating breakfast early enough today. I have this bad habit of getting Josie ready and off to preschool, and not eating til after 9am. Honestly, I wasn't hungry, but once I finished my first round of the detox drink, I was ready to eat. The detox drink is made up of the following:

-3 pints distilled water
-juice of one lemon
-1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
-2 tbsp raw unpasturized apple cider vinegar! Thankfully, I only drink the 1/3 of above recipe three times a day before each meal. I didn't mind the drink at first, but now...I'm wondering how I'll ever drink it again (much less for the next six days!)

After the detox drink, I ate an egg omelet with peppers and garlic. I'm allowed two eggs daily, so I used one for breakfast. Celery was my mid morning snack (which was more around lunch time). I had a big arugula and bibb lettuce salad for lunch with homemade dressing (vinegar and olive oil based). I threw some avocado on it just to feel like I wasn't a rabbit. No afternoon snack today, although I meant to have some dandelion tea (since I'm allowed herbal teas.) I think I'll grab a cup of that after I finish this. For dinner on day one, I had some veggie soup (made from spinach, garlic, onions, leeks, water, and thyme). It was pretty much awful, but I cooked up an egg to make dinner worthwhile.

I can tell I haven't had an added sugar or processed foods. This is starting to feel like when we did Paleo for the first time...maybe a little worse. I know one thing for sure--it will get worse by day 3.

I really can't believe that I watched the hubby eat a million "crabbies" (as J bug calls them). Seriously, as I looked at my food, then his food, I almost jumped that platter of fish. I snapped a pic instead.

So, there you have it. I'm hanging on, and I didn't cheat.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

I have a bacteria problem.

Before you flip out and call DHEC to come haul me into isolation... hear me out. After years (literally, it's been years) of wondering what in the world is going on with me, I think I know. I think I have a bacteria problem. Now, this isn't a contagious issue. I have an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in my "gut" and an overgrowth of one type of bacteria that causes all sorts of issues. My main issues began five years ago, when I was about to marry Andrew. Perfect timing, right? I love you, let's get married, and oh yeah--here's to in sickness or in health...but mainly sickness. Granted, I haven't been admitted to the hospital, or had surgeries, or tried any experimental drugs, but health has been slowly declining over these years. I haven't realized the total effect of this until this year. Having Josie only exacerbated my symptoms. So, here I am with a two year old, a great husband, and I'm too tired, too achy, too self-conscious (more on this later), and too brain fried to enjoy it. I've come to a breaking point, and a decision has been made. I'm "done," as we say in the south. Why am I blogging about this like Julie and Julia (if you don't know what this means, sorry for the reference)?? Well, accountability is what I need. The food plan and detox aspects of this next couple of months will be pretty difficult for me, and I'm pretty nervous about it. I figured that if anyone (literally, any ONE of you) was reading these posts to keep up with my progress, I just can't let you down. No, I won't be posting measurements or belly pics, because let's face it, y'all don't wanna see my belly. I've never had one to be proud of, and that's not even the goal of this whole operation. Sure, if I get rid of this issue, I'm bound to lose some weight, but my main goal is to be 100% to take care of my sweet family and fulfill God's calling on my life as a wife, mama, nurse, pastor's wife, daughter, sister, aunt, etc. You get the picture, right?

I'm going to spare you my paraphrased research and all that jazz. If you want to search for candida overgrowth, then have at it. You'll find a pretty accurate list (minus a few) of my symptoms. You'll also find a lot of different "treatments" out there. Here are the basics of the next few weeks of my life and how I'm tackling this beast.

1. The first week of this "plan" will require a detox phase. Wait...hold the phone..yep, I said detox. I'm not too psyched about this at all. I basically can eat veggies, two eggs per day, and drink a detox drink that's super yummy.... ;-) It's water, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar.
2. After the first seven days, if I'm still breathing, I can add other foods back in (including some beloved meat!)
3. I'll do my best to keep this thing updated, but I have a feeling that the temporary lack of carbs is going to affect my brain pretty (well, very) badly.
4. Please call my husband if you see me at chick-fil-a or staring at the donuts at the harris teeter bakery (2 for $1....what???)....seriously though, call him. Cause it could happen.
5. At the end of a couple of months, I should see a notable difference in my health and improvement in the symptoms that have gotten progressively worse the past few years.
6. Please don't worry about Andrew and Josie, as they won't be participating in this. Andrew literally said he'd die if I made him.
7. All joking aside--As daunting as this seems, I'm very excited about it. I also know these will be dreadfully hard weeks for me. They will require a lot of planning and self-discipline on my part. I think I'll learn a lot, too! I'll try to post what I'm eating, drinking, and how it's going on a regular basis, with the hopes that it helps the accountability aspect of this whole operation.

So, welcome aboard this crazy's pulling out of the station.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Updates and other randomosities. I think I just made up a word, Webster.

Well, life is pretty busy for the Winburn 3 + a dog these days. Here's what's happening in our neck of the woods.

1. Our house is for sale--and it's hard for me. 

I don't know if we're really capable of loving inanimate objects. People sure do try, though. It's hard for me to use the word "love" so easily. I love God. I love Andrew. I love Josie. And with that in mind....I really, really, really, really like our first home. I have liked it from day one. Andrew didn't think I'd like it. He thought it looked like a trailer on

He was oh-so wrong.We walked in the house, walked around, made an offer...
even though the pool looked like a condemned moat....even though the back bedrooms were painted pepto pink and sunshine yellow...even though it was a short sale...etc.

We have lived in that sweet, precious, memory filled house for right at three years now...and it feels like 3 months. Shortly after Andrew totally brought the pool back to life (which did he ever!), we decided to be all organic and plant a garden. It was so fun having that little garden in our back yard.

Flashback: I remember laying on my back as a kid...picking tomatoes off the vine. I remember shelling peas and snapping beans. If you know what that entails--you grew up gardening. My awesome Grannie and Papa put me on sign patrol for their road side advertisements. My job was to paint signs for attracting 72 bypass "bypassers" to buy produce from their garden. I vividly remember Papa calling me on the phone (although we lived so close he could've yelled and I'd have heard him) to give specific details for his next sign. Life was so good. We sold produce every summer, and I made a cut of the profits. I found out later that my Grannie and Papa gave a lot of that money to their church. I remember the row of zinnias that Grannie planted each summer. I remember my Dad coming home from hard days, changing clothes, and getting out in the garden. What a guy. I pray that I never forget such sweet memories.

Ok, I'm back. Anyway, one day, Andrew discovered Peter Rabbit feasting on something in our garden. I'm pretty sure it's against the law to fire a gun in Wildewood, so he went bow hunting. So imagine my hubs standing on the deck with his bow/arrows (many arrows) to kill bunny foo foo. I was so sad. I couldn't watch. Is it possible to become more sensitive toward animal deaths as you age? If so, that's all me. I love my husband, and he's a great hunter...but not this time. I'm sure the wind was to blame or something, but every time, bunny got away, much to my delight. I'd been saying that the backyard was lonely without a dog, and I got shot down each time. One day, after a few failed kill missions, Andrew gave in.

"I think we need to get a dog."

I tried not to act too excited and play it cool, but I couldn't. I became a 4 year old at Christmas mixed with a first time mom picking out baby names. I went pretty crazy.

In a few weeks, we had our sweet "first born," our Maya. So many of our wonderful Beaver Dam Road memories include that stinker. Some "bad girl" (chewed up) memories as well...

I remember having Maya in our Christmas pictures the following December. Someone warned us that first comes the dog, then comes the baby.

They were right. In October of 2012, the sweetest girl in the world was born into our family and made our home full of love.

So, this is hard. Again, I try not to love things, but I can't help cherishing the memories I see when looking at that house. 

That front porch light fixture Andrew changed out for me.

The hooks where we hung our beautiful hanging baskets.

The monkey grass where Maya fought a snake. Eek.

The mud room we never used.

The chair that I sleeplessly rocked in while missing our new baby who we had to leave in the hospital until she was 8 days old.

The hydrangeas we planted my first mother's day.

The front porch.

The pool where I floated around for hours of my pregnancy. 
...Many of those were spent sleeping.

                                                               The list goes on and on...

But... it is just like with everything else. Just because you're missing the presence of something or someone doesn't mean that the memories go with them. I am thankful for that. I will miss our first home. I'm excited about making new memories here in Charleston.


2. Ear infections: Please be gone!

Our little angel seems to keep running into ear infections....on average of every 4-6 weeks. Where did this come from? We went 13 months without a single problem. Now, it seems we forgot one for a while, then boom! They're baaaaaaack!

The (or should I say "a") great thing about JoJo is how well she handles being sick. She is rarely fussy, and she hardly runs a fever. That's also what makes it hard. The typical assessment findings don't apply to her. She doesn't pull at her ears. She doesn't scream. She has an awesome appetite, and she is a better sleeper than I was while working nights. That says a lot! She's awesome. I can't wait to use this as encouragement one day when she's in labor. I can hear me now...

"Josie, you don't need drugs to have this baby. You battled double full blown ear infections without a peep."

Haha. I'm weird. 

Needless to say, her pain tolerance has to be high. I think I remember Mom saying the same things about me as a child. Go figure. Anyway, I am praying that these recurrent infections have something to do with this crazy weather. It's high time that this weather get consistently hot and pollen free...if you ask me. Also, I'd love it if every gnat in Charleston could just die. Seriously. They're awful. I'm sure that's in another story somewhere down the road. Stay tuned. 

Yesterday, JoJo woke up from a (4, yes 4, hour nap!) I checked on her multiple times. She normally sleeps like a rock when she's under the weather, so I knew we were heading into something. Her temp was 102. Naturally, being the cool, calm, and collective nurse mommy that I am...I flipped. She was shaking, which I'm now assuming that was the chills. However, I'm paranoid about febrile seizures, so I lost it. I was about to run across the street to the ER, but Andrew calmed me down. I ended up at an urgent care, because we haven't found a pediatrician yet...and no office would see us. It was actually a no hassle easy experience, and of course, she had an ear infection. This one was scary, because it hit her extremely fast. She's doing fine, and we're just happy that they don't seem to throw her too much. We just want them to stop, of course.

3. I'll be 30 on April Fool's Day. How appropriate for me, right?

In honor of my 30th, I'm giving you the Meagan Winburn version of 30 for 30. This is the randomness I spoke of in the title. I saved it for the end, if case you want to check case you haven't already. If you haven't, you deserve a cookie. Congratulations!


1. I consistently call my child Puddles McWinburn. I don't know where it came from.
2. My engagement ring belonged to Andrew's paternal grandmother, Mamee. I cherish it.
3. I would've been little Justin Brown had I been born a boy. Andrew's so glad I wasn't.
4. I'm not sure of my actual shoe size since I had Josie.
5. My maternal grandparents and Andrew's maternal grandparents were married on the exact same day and year. 
6. Sometimes, I let things bother me that shouldn't and don't let some things bother me that should.
7. My grandfather prayed for musical grandchildren. All five of his grandchildren sing. 
8. I dread Josie coming home with math homework one day.
9. I hate newspaper. I hate touching it mainly...also the smell.
10. I really want to go to Hawaii. Like....tomorrow!
11. I have always been fascinated by assassinations, catastrophes, etc. My mindset is always thinking, "What could've been done to prevent this??" Strange, I know. A few of my favorites as a child were Lincoln, JFK, MLK Jr, Titanic...
12. I currently have the cabinets under the sink child proofed using a plastic bag. Redneck ingenuity.
13. I loved my first grade teacher, Mrs. Sheets. She had such neat handwriting. Mrs. Sheets and my mom made me prioritize neat penmanship.
14. I wish I could freeze time each moment Josie gives hugs and kisses.
15. Andrew weighed 11 pounds 6 ounces at birth. He was also 24 inches long. Essentially, he was born a toddler.
16. I could watch Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightley version) every day.
17. I remember the exact moment I listened to my first Coldplay album. I love their music.
18. I think Maisy and Lennon Stella on ABC's "Nashville" are amaaaaazing.
19. Speaking of the name Stella, I love that name.
20. Speaking of a name that I love. I cannot stand when people "claim" names. Yes, I said it...and you've all heard it. "We're naming our FUTURE (son/daughter) ___________." Come on, people.
21. I drank a lot of chocolate milk as a child...with a soup. Weird.
22. When telemarketers call my Grannie, she blows a whistle in the phone receiver. She's my hero.
23. If I could do anything, I'd own a children's boutique.
24. The women in my family can flat out cook. My grandmothers could open a restaurant.
25. I'm on a mission to find the perfect pool float.
26. I haven't been able to part with any of Josie's clothes yet. Sentimental pack rat alert!
27. I have sung in front of huge crowds, solo and in groups. I've sung with Barack Obama present. Kinda random...
28. I hope I never have to work night shift again.
29. I don't can't do scary movies. 
30. I misspelled my last (maiden) name (Brown) on a spelling test once. I put an "e" on the end. My logic was that it couldn't be the same word as my last name. Wow. I think my dad wondered about me for a while after that one.

And there you have it. If you made it this far, see me for a prize. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why, women? Why?

I really do like being a woman. Two important callings in my life revolve around being one. I am a wife to a wonderful husband, who leads our family and points us to Jesus. I am a mother to a beautiful and precious daughter, who daily allows me to be humbled as I experience God's love for me in ways I never did before. I love encouraging other women: moms, non-moms, married, single, hurting, happy, stressed, confused, name it. Women are tough cookies, and I just love how God created us all so very different, yet so similar.

However, there are times when I don't enjoy certain aspects of being a woman. You may or may not agree with me, but I am about to tell you why being a woman is so difficult at times  for me. Are you ready? Ok, here it is.

Being a woman is so hard at times, because women are so hard on each other.

There.I said it.

Why, ladies? Why? Why do we have to be so hard on each other? The true weight of this didn't hit me until I got married and became a mother. Most women state their opinions very clearly and very often, making it at times very difficult for others to even think about doing anything close to the least without catching more grief and opinions. Here are just a few examples of typical highly opinionated women topics that I've observed/experienced/endured.

Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding

Public/Private school Education vs. Home Education

Stay at home moms vs. Working moms

Vegan, paleo, gluten free, non GMO, no MSG, organic, grass fed, pasture raised vs. (well, whatever isn't that!)

Cloth diapers vs. Disposable diapers

Vaccinating vs. Not Vaccinating 

to name a few...

These topics are pretty important, and all have to do with some aspect of a child's health. Some of these topics bring moms to tears. Some of them involve easy decisions--some involve tough ones. They can be, "sensitive subjects." I know I've shed some tears over a few of these things. Women often get the urge to impart "wisdom" on these topics to others even when it's unsolicited. Sadly, the offering isn't as problematic as the motive behind it. It's the desire to be heard, respected, valued, validated and sometimes, to be thought of as "super mom." Does she even exist? I'd love to meet her. Let me just say this, I'm guilty of this myself. I am guilty. So, please don't think I'm preaching. Personally, I get irate when I see a women's confidence in her decisions as a mommy eroded because of another women. Come on, girls. We have enough pressure in this world. Do we have to inflict more on each other?

This is one of the reasons I love men. Let me rephrase that. When I say I love men, I mean I love one hubby. I also love my dad, father in law, brother, brother in laws, get it. That's not the point. However, in general, most men are nothing like us women when it comes to this. They just do their own thing. If you like it, fine. If you don't like it, there's the door. Why can't women be more like that? It's like we have some sort of personal mission to relay our point or why our lifestyle is the best to others so much, that we push it waaaay too much! Honestly, I've never been more offended or hurt than by women...and I live with a pretty blunt man, y'all. 

So, where am I going with all this? What is God teaching me? Well, for starters, He's teaching me to be more like Jesus. 

If you read the New Testament, you'll see many accounts of Jesus walking, talking and just doing life with people. Sure, he delivered a sermon or two. Sure, he knew the Law. However, you don't really ever see any words in red that tell of Jesus saying, "Be just like me. I do this, and I don't do that. If you act like this, then you're really not doing it right." If anything, Jesus led so well by example. He ultimately offered His body as a living sacrifice, and He did it perfectly. Romans 12 tells us to "offer [our] bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing unto God." I think we often forget the "unto God" part. Why? Well, probably because it's a no brainer. Pleasing God and pleasing man are sometimes two different things. When it comes down to living your life, live the life God tells you to live--and let others do the same. Don't think that just because someone doesn't nurse their baby that they're uneducated about the nutrition of their child. It isn't necessarily your place to educate them. Don't think that just because someone chooses home education that they're a strange person who makes their own jeans. (...not that making your own jeans is considered strange). If someone asks for your opinion, then give it to them. You should not make your life platform convincing others to do it your way. Besides, who does that put the spotlight on? You! Focus on your relationship with God, and He will lead you to set an example with your life, just as Jesus did.

I am not preaching. I'm reflecting. I'm talking to myself, and I'm praying that God continues to break my will and make me more like Him.

Am I the only one who has struggled with this? 

Friday, January 24, 2014

If we're buds on facebook, then you probably already know our news. Nope, not baby #2....


Honestly, I never thought we'd move. I remember a conversation with my mother last year...

Me: "We'll never leave Columbia. We'll be here 'til we die."

(God says, "Ha!") ...

Andrew is the new pastor of Fort Johnson Baptist church on James Island, and we're so excited. Generation Church will always be a part of our family history, as we will always be a part of their story. We couldn't be more thankful for our time there and the precious people there.

FJBC has already been so welcoming to us! We are hoping our house sells soon so that we can set some roots in James Island.

Now, for Josie news (since I know you're just dying to know!)

Walking:: It happened. She finally did it. It only took her til 15 months...and one day! Dr. C said that he usually refers kiddos to babynet if they haven't walked by 15 months. Josie likes to cut it her mama. She took her first consistent steps at BB and G-pa's house last week. The progression of events was mainly Josie walking a few steps, then she'd turn and look at all of us (for a round of applause, of course!) I don't know where that child gets the need to perform. Oh, my. Y'all...genetics are real. Also, I firmly believe that God has a sense of humor.

Words:: We have some pretty awesome communication going on right now with our little one. New words include:

"Preeeey" = Pretty

"Baah" = Ball

"Haaa" (like saying "Hat" without the "t") = a combination of Hey/Hi

"Baba" = banana

"Babeee" = blueberries (We actually don't ever say this word unless we can deliver the actual goods. Kinda like the word "bath." We have learned the hard way. She's so obsessed with "babees" that every time I open the refrigerator door, she thinks that's what I'm getting. Eek.)

"Papa" = Papa

"Mehmeh" = MeeMee

"Buh-buh" = BB

"Pa!!!!" = G-pa

**We're also doing a lot of jabbering. I'm just trying to be a good listening mommy, even though I have NO clue what she's talking about half the time. Guess it's my pay back for all the gabbing I've done my entire life. **

Other random things::

-Weighed 20 lbs and 12 oz at her 15 month checkup. She is teeny, but tall!

- Doing so well with the instruction "no." Seriously, I'm blown away. Maybe it's because I act like we won the lottery every time she listens.

- Is still enamored by Gigglebellies. If I could give a gift to every parent in the world, it would be gigglebellies. Google it, and thank me later.

-Likes to wear her (play) bracelets, brush her hair, and put on (play) makeup. Here we go...

-Prefers to play around the house in only a diaper, but I make her put on clothes ;-)

Well, that's all I've got for now. Thanks for checking in!